About us

Teifi Again

The Teifi Rivers Trust was established by a group with proven track records in river conservation.

We live in towns along the Teifi Valley from Tregaron down to Cardigan and have a broad based pool of environmental management and business expertise.

Many of us were born in the area and have a deep attachment to the Teifi while others are newer arrivals who have been inspired by the rivers and surrounding countryside that create the Teifi Valley, one of the most impressive and biologically diverse river systems in Britain.

The founders of the Trust regularly fish for the Sewin, Salmon and Trout of the Teifi and have grave concerns with regard to the decline in the size and abundance of these fish and the invertebrate life in the river on which the fish feed.

All of us are only too well aware of threats to the habitat in and around the rivers and believe that the Teifi Rivers Trust will make a difference by helping to reverse the decline in the water quality and its environs.

Our aim is to improve the lakes rivers and streams which make up the Teifi by educating and inspiring the communities along the valleys and engaging them in conservation projects which will have a positive impact on the quality of the river and its catchments.

This is a new way of working and if you can offer us assistance in conservation or education relating to the Teifi, its tributaries and its neighboring rivers we invite you to contact us.

For these and any other inquiries relating to the work of the Teifi Rivers Trust please get in touch via our email wjmwales1@gmail.com