Interesting habitats

The first two photographs show severely degraded conditions at a site where winter cattle feeding takes place.The stream flowing through the site is suffering from slurry and silage effluent, pollution, and heavy sedimentation.

Contaminated with slurry


The solution was to run the stream through a pipe under the site.

Trench for taking stream under cattle feeding area

Pipe diverting stream

Installation of holding tank enabled us to capture clean surface water to feed three drinking troughs.

Holding tank for clean water from stream

The following pictures show typical problems within the catchment, namely overgrazing, poaching, erosion, monoculture and sedimentations.






The next five photos show what we think a river bank should look like, the first three demonstrate a considerable improvement in biodiversity the first spring following fencing the year before and the last two illustrate a more mature riparian scheme which had been fenced 2-3 years previously and largely speak for themselves.